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Suze Net Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-21
Quick site rank and complete review of Suze Net | Categories: Babes, Pornstar, Softcore

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gold rank
Our Rating: 91/100

Quality of Content: 23/25

Purchase Value: 19/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: no

User Rating For SuzeNet

User Rating: 65/100 - based on 290 votes.

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Tour Promises

Suze.Net offers high quality photography. There are 700 centerfolds, more than 125,000 erotic photos, 17,000 hardcore pictures and daily updates.

My Opinion About SuzeNet

I'm not sure if there is a bigger name in erotic photography than Suze Randall. Everywhere I turn, her name pops up as one of the most fantasized photographers that models want to shoot with, or one of the best to model for. The general consensus seems to be that if you shoot with Suze, then you are bound to go somewhere in the business. Looking at this site, it is certainly no surprise.

First of all, it is professionally organized. The site only contains exclusive Suze Randall photography, and the content can be search by the model's name or through 21 categories that include girl-guy, fetish, pornstars and vintage. While categories are located on the left side of the page, all additional content is listed in a right-page menu. From this menu, you can read both a bio and a list of Randall's shooting history since 1998. Of course, she has been shooting erotic photography for a lot longer than this, and her list of credits is enormous.

There is also a chatroom forum with a variety of topics, including "Ask Suze", and a "Storyboard", where you can divulge you favourite fantasy. There are also the mainstays of erotic sites such as free wallpapers, access to a store and links to other sites. However, the main dish is the photos, and I'm excited to get to them!

The amount of content is really overwhelming, and it's difficult to choose which category to begin with, let alone count how many sets there are on this site. Judging from the numbers on the tour page, I'm guessing that there are about 150,000 images, if not more.

There are two photo sizes to choose from - 800x600 and 1024x768 - and as you can well imagine, they are impeccable. Shot by a pro that has been doing this for 25 years, it comes as no surprise. On average, a set contains 50 photos - all copy-stamped, yet all downloadable. There are also some 1280x853 shots, but they're less common.

It should also be said that quite a lot of these photo sets have direct links to their corresponding video sets at Suze Video, which comes in useful for members of both sites.

As one could imagine of Randall, who began a serious career in erotic photography with Playboy magazine, the content of the images lean toward erotic and hardcore glamour. Images are rich with colour, lighting is near flawless and so are the absolutely beautiful models. Settings are as diverse in costume, lingerie and garments (or lack thereof) as they are in sets, and the often-detailed mise-en-scene. For example, what other photographer could get props like a vintage red Cadillac and ensure that every detail down to the colour of a bead choker and white belt were styled to compliment the model in her surroundings?

While much of Randall's work profiles a style that suits soft and hardcore glamour porn, I was personally looking for something edgier. What I mean by this is that I was seeking out less constrained photos, pictures with a bit more freedom than the parameters of shooting for magazines like Playboy. All content is indexed, but there is also an option to see it thumbnailed instead.

There are definitely plenty of gorgeous close-ups that Randall seems famous for, and there were gorgeous outdoor settings using natural light. In the smoking lounge, I found a lot of what I was looking for in a different kind of style from Randall. As well as she shoots in all other categories, it was these sets, with different lighting styles, that really turned my crank. I was overjoyed to find them.

Final Verdict

Suze.Net is among the finest erotic photography sites on the net. As all photographers have a diverse range from erotic commercial to artistic and even experimental, I was really hoping to see more of the latter. Still, Randall is best known for her particular style, and there is no doubt as to why. A softcore and hardcore photography site really can't get any better in quantity, teasingly hot style, and exceptional quality.

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User Comments

2013 Jul 10, 06:39, malaysian

2011 Aug 15, 13:05, Bosnia&Herzegovina
The best Website.Only beautyies

2010 Jun 19, 23:18, india
very nice

2007 Nov 24, 09:42, malta
this is my first time that i really whant to see some of your porn staf im 36 years old and i never so some cos i allways had some girls to fuck but there is allways a first time........

2007 Nov 20, 03:05, india
suznet was very usfuloflife

2007 Apr 22, 21:58, india
you are really bomb sexy

2007 Mar 03, 19:47, ina
good picture, beatiful artist, and mmmmmm....

2007 Feb 24, 03:42, cali
so fine!!!!!

2007 Jan 31, 15:35, Belgrade
Certainly one of the best porn sites on the world, with beautiful models and flawless, absolutely gorgeous glamour photography. However, some may find shoots to be too “stylistic”, i.e. unnatural. Plus, IMHO, one niche where it lags behind competition are gangbang/DP shoots, which are few and far in between. If you are in to the “harder” stuff than DDF or Private may be better option.
Just my 2¢.

2007 Jan 03, 07:21, sa
the best glamour/porn site on the net, suze's team are craftsmen and it shows.

2007 Jan 01, 00:35, indonesian
its the best

2006 Dec 20, 06:09, Belgrade, Serbia
Simply the best erotism, with class and provocative content!

2006 Dec 19, 05:23, pp
no longer

2006 Nov 21, 22:26, indonesia
yeah, good porn artist and like it

2006 Jul 18, 22:47, Aus
i think this site is great but show more pics of the movies

Barebackrider (condoms fucking suck!)
2006 Jun 29, 19:13, Pacific Northwest, USA
I have been a member for almost four years. While this site used to be the absolutely best, I worry that it is slipping from No. 1 now that Suze Randall is no longer shooting. Suze is the best fucking erotic photographer. The good news is that if you have been been here, you will find thousands of most irresistible photos ... beautiful women, great styling, incredible quality and lots and lots of spread legs and pink pussy!

Donatien le Voyeur
2006 Apr 26, 10:38, Sweden
BEST among millions of sites!!!!

2006 Apr 08, 13:49, NW
This site is the best, pure and simple. Beautiful, hot, slutty women. Incredible quality photography. And Suze Randall who insists that almost all of her models spread their legs wide. Don't waste your money on other shit when you can get the best right here.

2006 Jan 25, 00:39, Romania
I saw many photos with many pornstars on the net from all over the world. From a saw few of them and i can say that :
Its are very beautiful and has the best quality ever seen.
I have a big problem and a think you can help me. My earnings on a mounth are 125$. This is life in Romania. With my 125 bucks an a mounth a leave.
So I can't afford to pay site to let me in 'couse i have to eat from that money.
So please help me with an account (username and password) just for a week to enjoy 'couse i am very curious.I'm baging you for that

2005 Dec 25, 21:06, NS,Canadaa
This is the only site on the web that has never dissappointed me in any way!

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